Love.  A word we see a lot as we near Valentine's Day or any time we open the Bible.  I Corinthians 13 is a whole chapter about love. Judy, a friend from Texas, once told me a little girl in her Sunday school class said, “I love Jesus and Willie Nelson.”  Now Judy and I appreciate a good Willie Nelson song but something about that sentence just made us giggle.  Maybe the Greeks were onto something to have four separate words for love:  storge (natural affection as that between parents and children), philia (friendship), eros (romantic), and agape (God’s love toward man and our reflection of His love).

Like Mary, mother of Jesus, I watched my children grow and pondered all they taught me.  Here are a couple childhood examples from our nighttime routine of how my storge loves taught me about reflecting God’s agape love.  

One night I heard Amanda tell God, "I love You."  That was so revolutionary to me and I heard in my heart, "become like little children" (Matthew 18:3).  I realized how wonderful I felt when I heard my child tell me, "I love you". Why had I never thought about telling God I loved Him?  Would He not like to hear His child say, "I love You.”?  Thank you for teaching me Amanda.  I love you.  

Bill and I would lie down with each girl for one song of our favorite tape, Sleep Sound in Jesus by Michael Card.  When I would lie down with Amy she wanted me to face her.  If I would turn my head and face away from her to get more comfortable, Amy would put her sweet little hands on my cheeks and turn my face back toward her.  This time my heart heard, "the LORD turn His face toward you and give you peace” (Numbers 6:26).  What a wonderful way to fall asleep - at peace with the One who loves you with an agape love that only wants your best.  Thank you for teaching me Amy.  I love you.