People ask me what I like best about China and I always give them the same answer -- it’s the people. I have made many close friends during my visits. One is like a brother to me. His English name is Jonah. We met in Shenyang during the time I spent at the orphanage when Jonah was working for a relief organization. Jonah was terribly burned in an accident and after he was discharged from the hospital he wandered around the country in an attempt to understand why such a thing had happened to him. Jonah told me that it was during these travels that he met a Christian who led him to Christ. Jonah explained that the tragedy of being burnt worked out for his good. I now call Jonah “Di Di” which in Chinese means “younger brother.” One year, when I was in Beijing, Jonah came from Shenyang to visit me. We spent a few days in Beijing and then I went back to Shenyang with Jonah. While we were together Jonah asked for prayer that he would be able to find a wife. Jonah’s parents were pressuring him to find a mate. It wasn’t very long after I returned home that Jonah emailed me the good news that he was getting married. The next time I came to China I was able to visit Jonah, his wife Candy and their brand new baby girl. A few years later Jonah and Candy had another daughter. China, at that time, had a one child policy and I asked Jonah if he and Candy had gotten in trouble for having a second child. Jonah smiled and said, “No brother, Candy is Korean.” I learned that minorities are allowed to have more than one child. Jonah and Candy are leaders in their church. I’m always thankful for my brother Jonah and his family. They have been a blessing in my life.