Campus Ministry

One year, when I was in Beijing, one of my Chinese friends asked me for a favor. Two of her friends from Inner Mongolia were planning on being in Beijing for a couple days and they didn’t have a place to stay. She asked if they could stay with me.  My hotel room had two beds and a couch. I told my friend that it was no problem (mei wenti!) her friends could stay with me. Her friends were two young men who taught in a university in Inner Mongolia. For two days we just toured Beijing. The first thing my new friends wanted to find was a Starbucks. They told me that there wasn’t a Starbucks in their city. I was surprised that one of these young men was wearing a Kentucky t-shirt. What a small world! One day they asked me if I knew why the Great Wall was built. I answered, “I thought it was to keep the Mongols out.” These men (with Mongol blood) smiled and said “It didn’t work!” In addition to teaching in a university they have a campus ministry. One of them had a guitar and in the evening when we’d return to my room they would sing praise songs in their native tongue. They told me that they would bring students to Christ and then after graduation these students would return to their hometowns and start up house churches. I’m thankful I was given the opportunity to spend some time with these Christian brothers and hear about their life and their church in Inner Mongolia.