Reaching Out to Serve

One Sunday I was going with a friend to a house church in Beijing. After walking a few blocks, we got on the subway and rode for over thirty minutes. Getting off the subway, we walked a few more blocks until we came to an office building. The house church was located on the fifth floor of this building. One big conference room was used for the service. After the service my friend told me that this church was started with ten people but had grown to over a thousand members. I asked my friend if the authorities knew about this house (“underground”) church. My friend smiled and said, “Oh yes, they know about us. At the beginning of 2008 they were planning to shut us down but the earthquake happened (This was out in Sichuan Province) and members of our church raised money and some went out to help the victims. After that, the government just backed off.” What an amazing example of a church reaching out beyond it’s borders to help those in need! In some of his letters, the Apostle Paul writes of the need to help the poor in Jerusalem. Here at Norway we have the opportunity to reach out and serve. There are several mission projects listed on our website. Last month, a devastating flood affected the lives of friends here in West Virginia. This month, some of our family at Norway will be traveling to Roatan to serve the people in that country. The opportunities are limitless to help others. All we have to do is to look and get involved like that church in Beijing.