Salt & Light

I am a person of faith.  I believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ.  A half a century ago I expressed that faith and belief in baptism,  and over the intervening decades, have studied, searched, contemplated, experimented with, succeeded – and failed – with understanding, what all this means for my life.  In other words, what is expected of me as a Christian? 

Let’s start with a question asked of Jesus, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law”?  His response – love the Lord your God with your whole being.  But Jesus didn’t stop there.  I guess he considered the answer incomplete without answering an unasked question – what’s the second?  That answer, as we’ve all heard before, is to love your neighbor as yourself.   However, by focusing over the years on the big two commands, I’ve managed to pay less attention to what he says next – ALL the Law and the prophets hang on these TWO commandments.

I’ve come to believe that the root of society’s issues we struggle with today stems from Christians’ (me included) failure to honor the top TWO commandments.  As such, there is an urgent need for Christians to connect their individual faith to the top two commands in such a way that we flavor our environment.  If you so choose, over the next several months, we can together explore one person’s thoughts on what it means to be a Christian, and in so doing, how we can enlighten the world around us.