Profiles in Potential Discipleship, Part 1

A couple sat across from me. They wanted to buy a truck. He knew exactly what he wanted: four doors, four wheel drive, and a V-8 engine (no sixes, they didn't sound right with the custom exhaust that he was already dreaming about installing.) She, however, had other ideas. They would not exceed a certain pre-set monthly payment that she had already determined. But only one bank would approve them and we were several hundred dollars over their limit. Passionately he asked, "Isn't there anything that you can do?" So I went back to my manager: with a price adjustment, and trimming the rate a smidgen, we lowered the monthly payment about $60. Not enough, we were still $175 away. So he got on the phone (right in front of me) and called another dealer. The other dealer (who hadn't even met them) said they could sell the same truck for $30 less. I tried to explain why they could not (if all was the same) when the wife chimed in, "It’s not a matter of $30, we are still $145 over budget!" I didn't sell the truck; but neither did the other guys! 

The point of this story is a contrast between passion and practicality. People can be like that. They can also be many other things when they come to buy a car. In the past ten years I have met a lot of people each believing that their situation is unlike any other. Well, what kind of people? Mean people, people afraid to try, people in need, people who think they know the inside scoop, etcetera, etcetera.  Yet, we as salesmen have heard it all before.

What does this have to do with discipleship?  I believe that people come to Jesus attempting to negotiate their best deal. How can that be? Who can bargain with God? That's what I want to explore in my next few posts. You see, I believe the Bible refers to many examples of people who approach Jesus as customers approach a salesperson. This could be referring to you and it is keeping you from a full relationship with the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. I hope I have your interest and that you will be back again.

To all whom the Father loves, Grady