Number 1

To Parents:

It is 8:30 in the morning, you’re late to work, almost in tears, as you watch him walk in late to school again with hair worse than crazy hair day. There was screaming crying and anger, yet again it's ringing in your ears "I failed…I was too hard...too easy...too busy...too stressed...too much." Over and over again I hear this story. I have never met a parent who if they were honest didn't live with this litany of guilt singing in their ears. There is some truth to our self-abusing rant. All parents mess up. Mary and Joseph were hand-picked by God himself to care for his Son and they lost him for three days in a busy city. Yet Jesus honors his mother even at the point of his death. So yes, you made mistakes. Get over it, the devil is the accuser of the saints. God knows you have made mistakes. He still loves you and your child. Forgive both of you and move on! Give the guilt to God. He already knows rest in His love and forgiveness. Then find the next opportunity to love your child. 

To The Child:

My teacher calls me the problem child... My mom calls me her burden...My peers call me a bully. God calls me beloved. God knows you yell; you cuss you hit and you hurt. He will help you change all of that. First He wants you to know you are his; He loves you all of you. He made every part of you. He knows your pain, your anger, your sadness. Wrap yourself up in Him and give it all to Him. He will define you as precious, loved, called, chosen, and worthy.