Is The Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

"Is the glass half empty or half full?"  We've all heard this saying many times and recently it once again came to mind. 

We'd had a rough week with the equipment we use for my husband's home hemodialysis.  He has kidney disease and six evenings a week at home, we do a milder version of the same treatment that is done three times a week in the dialysis center. This particular night found me on the phone with the company's tech support, for the third time that week.  I was informed that the problem was apparently not fixable and would require new equipment, which would arrive the next day.  For that evening, we would have to resort to Plan B, which would require more work on our part.  I expressed my disappointment and mentioned to the support person that it had been a frustrating week.  Although it wasn't his or anyone else's fault, he apologized to me for this

Then it hit me- or should I say convicted me. My glass was not half empty.  This situation was not a big deal.  I shouldn't have whined as if it was a big deal.  In reality,  we just had to put forth a little more effort to achieve our goal.  No one was physically hurt from this situation.  No one's life was threatened.  It was a small bump in the road.  When I thought about all the people that were dealing with grief, loss and other major trauma in their lives, it was silly of me to think of this as a reason to complain.  I have Jesus in my life and I need to remember that my glass is not just half full but always overflowing.