Salt & Light #2

The suffix “–ian” as in Christ-ian, means belonging to, from, relating to or to be like.  So when we accept the designation “Christian” we acknowledge we are born from and belong to Christ.  However, we also relate to who he is and become like him.  But what does this mean?  It’s the question of a lifetime.

Let’s start by considering what he said.  Early in His sermon on the mount, He gives us His expectations for the presence of Christians in the world.  

1. We are the salt of the world.  Our existence is to favorably flavor this wildly imperfect planet we live on.  

2. We are to enlighten the world.  Through the reflected illumination we give off, others must see our good works and glorify God.

But what if instead of God being increasingly glorified He is being marginalized by modern society?  Then it falls on those of us who are Christ-ians, to enhance our saltiness and brighten our illumination.  Living the big two commands, especially the second, loving others as ourselves, moves us along the right path.  

All good theory you say, but exactly how do we do this?  Next time we’ll take a peek at Christ’s life on earth and think about how to relate to it.