So You Are Forgiven

To Parents:

So you are forgiven and free from guilt. Does that mean you don't have to change? No, Christ loves us enough to walk with us in the active change process. 2 Corinthians 7:10 discusses how Godly sorrow leads not to overwhelming regret, but to active God centered change. So what is the importance of this when considering parenting children with behavioral challenges? Everything it means that our actions are weighed not against a comparison to the kid next to him in class, but through the lens of a Godly father. Therefore we throw off the sin and run toward loving Godly parenting daily, hourly, in this moment. But take comfort because you are not alone Godly sorrow by its very name implies that God is with us, before us, besides us, and behind us. You are not making this change alone but God is making it in you. You have failed 100 time before. Praise God! That means you are 100 times better now than when you started. Pray Lord I'm a sinful parent. I need you. I can't do this on my own. Change me so I can be the parent you want me to be. Thank you for loving me through my mistakes and helping when it's too hard. In your name I pray.

To the Child:

"Ok so I've heard about this Jesus thing before but I think that's for good kids... You see I tried to go to church before and a man with a very red face told me I couldn’t come back when I learned not to roll down the aisle. You’re a nice crazy lady to say that Jesus loves me but I'm pretty sure that's for kids who can sit still." 

Dear one let me tell you when Jesus walked the earth he had 12 close friends and three best friends. One of them, Peter, well if he was sitting in front of me in my office we would probably be throwing around words like ADHD or maybe even oppositional. You see he spoke without thinking, he used bad language and he was violent. Sound like anyone you know? So what do I take from God choosing him from all the men on the earth? That Jesus not only wants to be your friend he wants to be your best friend. He not only wants you in his house he wants to give you the keys to his home. He not only calls you to follow him he calls you to love and lead others. So beloved I do mean you when I say Jesus loves you.